Minecraft has now been around for 15 years and to celebrate this special milestone, Mojang has announced it will have a "15-day celebration" packed with gifts for fans.

It begins on... you guessed it May 15th (aka today). Each day when you log in you'll be able to collect a special item:

"Minecraft will soon be 15 years old! To mark the occasion, we’re hosting a 15-day celebration packed with gifts for you, kicking off from May 15! Get all the info at https://www.minecraft.net Here's to 15 years of gripping adventures, mind-blowing creations, and a community that has left its mark on every block! How will you shape your world in the next 15 years?"

Here's a teaser of the unlocks:

Mojang has also added some new merch to its online store including a poster, hoodie and t-shirts. And on the game front, there's the 1.2.1 Tricky Trials update to look forward to, which will come with new mobs and much more.

Will you be revisiting Minecraft to celebrate 15 years? Let us know in the comments.