Far Cry Spin-Off 'Project Maverick' Reportedly In Development At Ubisoft, Alongside Far Cry 7

Up for some more Far Cry soon? Well, you could be in luck! According to a new report from Insider Gaming's Tom Henderson, Ubisoft has got that much Far Cry on its plate that it's decided to split its next entry into two entirely different releases.

Yep, Ubisoft Montreal is reportedly developing both Far Cry 7 and 'Project Maverick' - the latter being a multiplayer-focused project to launch before FC7. Insider Gaming reports that the team is aiming for an 'April 2025' release with Maverick.

These titles were first reported on by the same outlet back in January, although at the time, the report seemed less certain about the nature of these releases and whether they could form two parts of 'Far Cry 7' rather than separate titles. Seemingly, Project Maverick is now its own thing.

As was also mentioned earlier this year, the MP spin-off is jumping on the 'extraction shooter' trend and will be set in the Alaskan wilderness - also known as 'Alashnica' in-game. For now, none of this is confirmed so do bear that in mind, but Insider Gaming has had a decent track record with leaks and reports as of late.

Anyway, we'll keep an eye on this as it all evolves - hopefully we learn more about the future of Far Cry from Ubisoft themselves soon enough. In the meantime, if you want your Far Cry fix, why not go check out the newly-enhanced Far Cry 5 on Xbox Game Pass!

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