Update: Well, it's official! Far Cry 5 now supports "native 60FPS" on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S! This applies to the base game as well as all the expansions. Here are more details on the resolutions for each console:

"In addition to a smoother visual experience, Xbox Series X|S players will receive enhanced resolution for Far Cry 5. Xbox Series X will be able to run the game with a 3840x2160 and 4K resolution, while Xbox Series S will run it at a 1920x1080."

Original story: Far Cry 5 enjoys its fifth anniversary this month and to celebrate, the dev team at Ubisoft is adding a "highly requested feature" for current-gen console players, as announced on Twitter.

For now, Ubisoft hasn't detailed exactly what this feature is, but it's safe to say it includes some sort of 60FPS update for current-gen consoles. Smoother frame rates are usually a big priority for players on Xbox Series X and S, and we reckon this update will likely deliver that in some fashion.

"Over the next three weeks, celebrate the 5th Anniversary with us. Stay tuned for what's to come, including a highly requested feature for next-gen consoles."

There's more evidence that some kind of frame rate patch is coming as well. As spotted by content creator The Games Tester, Far Cry 5's FPS Boost feature has been disabled on Xbox Series X|S, meaning players can no longer enable 60FPS through that program.

FPS Boost for Far Cry 5 only managed 60FPS when the resolution was dropped down to its base Xbox One number, which sits at under 1080p. Any proper next-gen update replacement for this will likely boost that number on both Xbox Series X and S.

We're not entirely surely whether Ubisoft will turn this into a full next-gen version of the game, but that seems less likely given that the team is teasing this as a "feature" and nothing more. We'll know more over the next three weeks as Ubisoft celebrates the game's fifth anniversary.

Will you be jumping back into Far Cry 5 if a next-gen update arrives? Let us know!