Far Cry's New Director Is Teasing 'Big Things' Ahead For The Series

It's getting on for two years since the last mainline Far Cry game launched, and it's looking like the series will be taking a different route with its next entry, at least behind the scenes. The franchise now has a new director, who has lofty aims for the future of the franchise.

Ubisoft's Drew Holmes is that new director, and he recently posted about his involvement in "the next evolution" of Far Cry on LinkedIn (thanks, VGC). Here's some of what Holmes has said about the project so far:

"It’s been an exciting few months... I’m happy to share that I’m starting a new position as IP Director of Far Cry at Ubisoft! We have big things in store [...] Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to be a part of the next evolution of this great brand!"

The new series director has worked on Far Cry before — namely as story lead on Far Cry 5 and New Dawn — but this looks to be a major step up for Holmes and his involvement in the franchise's future.

As for what shape that future will take, Ubisoft is yet to formally announce anything regarding a 'Far Cry 7', or any other FC title for that matter. However, reports have said that both a seventh entry and a multiplayer spin-off game are both in the works right now, with late 2025 looking like a potential release window for either of those projects.

What would you like to see from 'Far Cry 7'? Leave your thoughts on all of this down below.

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