In yet more leaked documents from Microsoft's ongoing FTC court case over its ActiBlizz acquisition, a brand-new console refresh has been outed. Apparently planned for an October 2024 release, Xbox Series X will soon go all-digital, according to the docs.

Codenamed 'Brooklin', a discless Xbox Series X console is seemingly in the works over at Microsoft following its recent release of the Carbon Black Xbox Series S system. In fact, one image below shows an updated Series S and 'Brooklin' launching in late 2024, hinting that another refreshed Series S could also launch next year.

It's worth nothing that these leaked documents aren't up to date, and these plans could have changed wholesale since they were drafted up. The Series S may have been moved forward a year in the form of the Carbon Black system, or this timeline could refer to an entirely different refresh for the budget console.

Either way, it's the Series X we're most interested in of course, and given we've heard nothing about it in an official capacity, we'd assume it's still aiming for a 2024 or later release - if it's still happening of course. The docs also suggest that the system will be sticking to its current $499 price tag.

That isn't the only hardware change that could come with these planned 2024 refreshes. A new controller is also mentioned in these docs; featuring haptic feedback and gyro support. These would be all-new features for an Xbox pad, borrowing heavily from Sony's DualSense controller.

These docs and their associated leaks should probably be taken with a pinch of salt, especially when it comes to the launch dates listed up above. What's for sure is that Microsoft is very busy with hardware as we move through the Xbox Series X|S generation, as has been made clear to the FTC.

What do you make of all of these leaks? Would you be interested in a digital Series X? Do tell in the comments below!