Microsoft Submits Changes To UK CMA Over Its 'Anticipated Acquisition' Of Activision Blizzard

Microsoft has submitted what is expected to be its final report to the CMA concerning its Xbox Activision Blizzard deal. Microsoft's submission was made on July 25th and goes over the CMA's concerns in detail, as stated by the authority in a notice posted today.

The UK authority also mentions that such a move is "not a usual part of the CMA’s process", but it is going ahead due to the agreement between them and Microsoft during the appeals process. The two parties felt this was the best course of action following the FTC losing its case over in the US.

Any other entities who want to comment on the CMA's current investigation have until August 4th to contact the UK authority. Then, the CMA has pencilled in an August 29th deadline to make its final decision, while Xbox expects everything ActiBlizz to be wrapped up by October 18th.

Although no definitive call has been made right now by the CMA, even the heading of its document suggests things are on course to go through. The UK CMA has labelled its latest notice "Anticipated Acquisition By Microsoft Corporation Of Activision Blizzard, Inc."

In terms of Microsoft's submission itself, the Xbox owner has sent a chunky 34-page document the CMA's way (containing lots of redactions), which we're expecting the UK authority to turn upside down in the coming weeks. Hopefully, once they're satisfied, this whole saga can be put behind us.

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