Believe it or not, a new Xbox Series S model is out today! Yep, Microsoft's 1TB Carbon Black Series S console hits store shelves today, and we're starting to see some real-life images of the system as it becomes available to the public.

We thought this thing looked pretty darn sleek just judging by Microsoft's initial announcement shots, but we must admit, it looks even sleeker in-person. Here are some high-quality images of the new Carbon Black Xbox Series S:

Launching September 1st for £299 / $349, this is Xbox's first real console revision of the generation, arriving almost three years after the initial Xbox Series X and S models burst onto the scene. There are no changes under the hood here; just a simple SSD size upgrade and a new minimalist, all-black appearance.

Having said that, we feel the SSD upgrade will make a huge difference to the usability of Xbox Series S right out of the box, especially as the white console contains less than 400GB of usable storage. Another addition to the Xbox lineup is officially out, folks!

Are you thinking of picking one of these up? Let us know if it's on your wishlists down below.