During early access, Starfield hit an impressive peak player count on Steam, especially considering that users had to shell out around $100 to play early on the platform. Since then, the game has of course arrived in its standard edition form, and it's now smashed that early access player count number.

Looking at the figures over on SteamDB, Starfield hit a concurrent player count high of 330,723 during this past weekend - the base game's first weekend on the market. This new number is almost 100k more than the aforementioned early access figure, and remember, these are purely Steam numbers and don't count Xbox or PC Game Pass players.

If you do include players across all platforms, the number is of course much, much higher. It's harder to track the multiplatform numbers, but Xbox boss Phil Spencer let us all know that the game surpassed 1 million concurrent players on day one alone. That's very impressive; considering the number could well have been beaten in the days since.

If you're one of the thousands that's already played Starfield on Xbox or PC, come tell us what you make of it so far in our latest user poll. We want to know how you're all getting on with Bethesda's brand-new RPG!

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