Starfield Is Hitting Impressive Concurrent Player Numbers On Steam Already

Starfield is only out in early access at the moment, but that isn't stopping folks from turning up in their hundreds of thousands to play Bethesda's brand new RPG as soon as possible. Even if we only take the Steam player numbers into account, Starfield's early launch is looking like a mighty successful one for Microsoft & co.

Over on stats site SteamDB, Starfield has already hit a peak concurrent player count of 234,502 - at the time of writing anyway. Considering you have to pay $100 to play the game on Steam right now, we reckon they're pretty impressive numbers for what is effectively the 'day zero' launch.

Let's not forget that this number is a for a concurrent player count (players booting up the game at the very same time) and that it doesn't include any Xbox and Microsoft Store players who may have opted to pick up the much cheaper early access upgrade in combination with a Game Pass subscription.

Thankfully, the huge amount of day zero players will be greeted with a pretty smooth experience by the looks of it, including on console where Starfield appears to be Bethesda Game Studios' most polished launch in decades. Digital Foundry has some early technical details for us in its initial performance breakdown, which you can check out down below!

What do you think to these numbers? Any predictions on what the peak number will be come launch day? Drop your thoughts down below.