Xbox Boss Says Starfield 'Exceeded' 1 Million Concurrent Players On Launch Day

Starfield is now officially out in the wild for all players, including those on Xbox Game Pass, and the title's monumental launch has led to a very impressive concurrent player count across all platforms.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has taken to Twitter to inform us all that more than one million players booted up Starfield yesterday - and that's a concurrent number of folks playing Starfield at the same time, with the overall player number likely much higher than this. Impressive stuff!

This is across Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC, where players can either purchase the game or play through an Xbox Game Pass subscription. The title managed just shy of a quarter of a million players on Steam during early access, so, the top concurrent player count has more than quadrupled for the full launch.

Just as Phil expressed the other day; congrats to the team at Bethesda for such a huge Xbox launch!

What do you think to this concurrent player number? Drop your thoughts on Starfield so far down below.

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