About a year ago we caught wind that 2K's publishing arm Private Division had struck a deal to create a new Lord of the Rings title, although at the time details on its style and substance were quite vague. A year on and the team is finally here with a teaser trailer for 'Tales of the Shire' - due out in 2024.

We'll get more details on this one next year, but for now, the above teaser servers as a bit of a tone piece for what developer Wētā Workshop is hoping to achieve with Tales of the Shire.

And, well, that's about it to be honest! We're still in the dark here even in terms of the basics such as genre and gameplay style, but here's a reminder of how the team described its Lord of the Rings title last year:

"It’s a privilege to create a new game set in Middle-earth, especially one that’s so different from what fans have played previously [...] As fans ourselves, we’re excited for gamers to explore Middle-earth in a way they never have before, and introduce new fans to the magic of The Lord of the Rings."

Does Tales of the Shire look like a LOTR title you'd be into? Comment down below and let us know!