Yesterday marked the launch of the former PS4/PS5 console exclusive Stray on Xbox, and although we expected it to be popular, we didn't necessarily anticipate that it'd be #1 on the "Top Paid Games" chart after less than 24 hours!

That's where Stray lies on both the UK and the US "Top Paid" charts at the time of writing, and it probably has a lot to do with the game's 20% launch discount, bringing it down to just £19.99 / $23.99 right now.

Looking at the reviews on the Xbox Store, there are already over 200 of them, and the majority are extremely positive so far. The game holds a 4.8/5 rating as things stand, with 92% of all reviews giving it a 5/5 score.

It's a great start for Stray on Xbox, then, and we can only hope that the game will eventually find its way to Xbox Game Pass. For now though, that launch discount is very tempting, so it might be worth taking advantage while it's still live!

Did you buy Stray yesterday? Let us know what you think of it in the poll and comments below.

If You're Playing Stray, What Do You Think So Far? (293 votes)

  1. It's amazing, I'm loving it!71%
  2. It's pretty good so far, yeah17%
  3. It's alright, not bad6%
  4. It's a bit disappointing actually2%
  5. It's terrible!4%

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