Hitman Dev Opens New UK Studio To Work On James Bond & Possible Xbox Exclusive

Veteran Hitman developer IO Interactive has announced the opening of a brand-new studio in Brighton, UK. The team says that it's now "bringing development of Project 007" to the region, along with work on its other titles such as the possible Xbox exclusive 'Project Fantasy'.

The company is expecting all five of its studios, including this new UK branch, to work together on all of its ongoing projects. One of those is a fantasy RPG that was unveiled in March - a game that could still be exclusive to Xbox platforms.

We don't know that for sure, though. Basically, back in 2021 Windows Central reported on this mystery IO Interactive project as an Xbox exclusive, but it was never officially unveiled back then. Recently released court documents from the whole FTC drama also mention this 2021 project as an Xbox exclusive, but when IO officially announced the game in March of this year, Xbox wasn't mentioned as a partner on the project.

Whether the team's upcoming fantasy RPG ends up being Xbox exclusive or not, it's definitely now being worked on in the UK, as is the upcoming James Bond game, as IO Interactive continues to spread its development wings.

Are you looking forward to any of these upcoming IO titles? Let us know which excites you most!