The rumour mill just keeps turning, as more potential partnerships and games from Xbox are said to be underway. The most recent one points to a collaboration between IO Interactive and Xbox on a dragon related game.

Back in February, Jez Corden of Windows Central Gaming shared a GIF related to dragons, beginning the speculation of a new Xbox game related to the fantasy beasts. Since then, more breadcrumbs of information have been dropped, but a few recent reports have given us the most juicy details thus far.

Windows Gaming Central has published a report on the game, revealing it's under the guise of "Project Dragon". They've also highlighted a job listing which resides in a department titled "Dragon", for "brand new title and concept". It's said to be "a connected-world RPG", which harkens back to a previous rumour that Xbox was looking to publish a AAA game with "an ambitious connected world".

As part of Windows Central Gaming's YouTube Rumour Report, Miles Dompier elaborated on the teases that members of the publication have made over the past few months. Dompier spoke about the information they have shared surrounding the game, and referenced Corden's recent comment on the Xbox Two podcast that people should keep an eye out for IO Interactive. According to Dompier, the potential game is currently being prototyped, with Xbox eyed as a publisher for the title.

"From the information we've received about this project, it sounds like the team will be ditching Agent 47 and his modern gadgets for a more fantastical setting. It's worth reiterating that this project is rumoured to be in the very early stages of 'prototyping', and is likely several years away.

"It's not uncommon for games in this phase to be retooled or even scrapped as development progresses. So while we have good information on what this title could potentially be, and that Microsoft could be the ones to publish it, it's still very important we keep our expectations in check."

Eurogamer has also echoed this rumour, saying they've heard the same information from their sources. It's said to be "AAA in scope", and set in a "large medieval-esque world" with dragons.

"Eurogamer sources have also heard word of this new project within IO Interactive, which is described as being AAA in scope though still very early in development, and years away. It's currently planned to feature a large medieval-esque world and, yes, winged beasts of the dragon variety."

It seems like a huge departure for the team, but after the success of the Hitman series, we'd very much be interested to see how their talents are handled here. If we're not going to be getting Scalebound, this could be the next best thing - if it makes it through the full development cycle. Even if this project falls through, the team is still working on a James Bond title, which has us very excited. We'll see how this develops!

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