The new "Once in a Blue Moon" update for Fallout 76 is available now, and although it wasn't mentioned in the initial patch notes, it comes with a native 60FPS upgrade for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S (as well as PS5).

Until today, Fallout 76 could only achieve 60 frames per-second on both consoles via the Xbox FPS Boost feature, but now it appears the Xbox Series X version is running natively at 4K, 60FPS while the Series S version is 1080p, 60FPS.

Below, you can check out some footage of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S versions of Fallout 76 after the update, which appear to show that the Series X version is dropping frames quite often - so that's something to keep in mind.

Nevertheless, it's great to see Bethesda putting in the work to boost Fallout 76's visuals and performance on current-gen consoles. Don't forget that today's "Once in a Blue Moon update" also comes with a whole bunch of new features which you can check out right now on Xbox Game Pass - with more details on the game's official website.

"The Blue Moon rises over the hills of Appalachia, bringing forth new Cryptids to threaten the mercantile progress of the Blue Ridge Caravan Company. Defend their Brahmin herds and trade routes from crazed Cultists and monstrous creatures in two new Public Events and side quests, plus face enemies infected with a deadly new Daily Ops mutation for a chance to earn new rewards!"

Have you tried the 60FPS update for Fallout 76 yet? What do you think? Tell us down below.