Fallout 76 Continues To 'Grow Significantly', Now Boasting Over 13 Million Players
Image: Bethesda

Although Bethesda is looking ahead to 2023 with games like Starfield and Redfall, it hasn't forgotten about its existing library. One title in particular that appears to have had a strong year is Fallout 76.

Yes, despite its disastrous launch back in 2018, the game has seemingly recovered. In its annual reflection, Bethesda has revealed Fallout 76 now has a whopping 13.5 million players. You can see the full stats breakdown in a lengthy graphic over on the official game website.

"Fallout 76 has grown significantly over the past year, with players worldwide experiencing all sort of happenings across Appalachia from travelling roadshows to extraterrestrial invasions!"

Following Fallout 76's The Pitt update in September and the recent Nuka-World on Tour event released this month, Bethesda says it also "can't wait to share" what's next for the game in the new year.

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What Do You Think Of Fallout 76 In 2022?

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