God Of War: Ragnarök Dev Shares His Thoughts About Starfield's 30FPS Limit On Xbox

There's been a lot of talk about Bethesda's decision to make Starfield a 30FPS experience on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S when it launches this September, as you might expect, that's included a fair bit of backlash.

Interestingly, a Senior Staff Environment Artist who worked on God Of War: Ragnarök chimed in with some thoughts on social media this week (in response to a now-deleted comment from another Twitter user), advising that the 30 frames per-second limit doesn't necessarily indicate the sign of an "unfinished game".

Carlone's comments echo what Todd Howard and Phil Spencer have already said about the situation, with Spencer specifically stating that the idea to go with a locked 30FPS on Xbox consoles was a "creative choice" by Bethesda.

Of course, no matter how many explanations we might get from various developers and executives, there's still going to be plenty of backlash about Starfield's 30FPS limit on social media over the next few months. Let's hope that by the time September rolls around, everyone will be having too much fun to care anymore!

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