Now that the dust has settled on Xbox's fabled 2023 Showcase (sorry), fans have started to focus on certain elements of the show; discussing what impressed them most from the event. Fable has been talked about a lot - not least because some viewers believed the trailer could be CGI. It isn't, of course — that much has been confirmed — but one dev working on the project takes this as a huge compliment anyway.

Taking to Twitter, Playground Games' lead lighting artist Lukas Koelz reckons that people questioning whether the trailer contained 'real' footage is "one of the best compliments" you could give.

Clearly, the UK-based team is confident in what it's creating with this Fable reboot, then - they're saying the game will look like this trailer when it ships, basically. That confidence alone is getting us very excited to go hands-on with Fable.

Remember, these are the folks behind the Forza Horizon series, so while we haven't seen much evidence of their RPG-making chops, we do know the team can make gorgeous-looking open world titles.

Does Playground have the right to be this confident after that trailer? Let us know your thoughts.