This Week's New 'Fable' Trailer Was Captured On An Xbox Series X

The 2023 Xbox Games Showcase was kicked off with a brand-new look at the upcoming Fable reboot, although it still left us with a lot more questions than answers! One of the things we do know is that it was running on an Xbox Series X.

This is according to the game's lead lighting artist, Lukas Koelz, who responded to a fan on Twitter:

Koelz also mentioned how proud he is of the Playground Games team for their work on Fable so far, as well as enthusing how he's "beyond excited for what is still to come".

"It is great to hear and read about the many positive Fable reactions after the Xbox Showcase. We got something special here!"

As great as it is to be getting a fresh look at Fable, it seems like it's still quite a long way from release. In fact, as-per Koelz, the team still has open world and cinematic lighting positions available, so there's still plenty of hiring to be done.

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