Report: Activision Blizzard Hires Royal Family Level Lawyer To Fight UK CMA

Things are seemingly getting pretty serious when it comes to Xbox's squabble with the UK CMA over its Activision Blizzard deal! According to law analyst Florian Mueller (via Eurogamer), ActiBlizz has gone all the way to the top in hiring a lawyer to overturn the authority's recent ruling.

According to Mueller's findings, the Call of Duty maker has hired Lord David Pannick to handle the case - a lawyer who has previously represented ex-UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Manchester City Football Club and perhaps most notably; Queen Elizabeth II!

Mueller is now saying that he's "very optimistic about their chances" after this hire, and that the move also means he "wouldn't doubt Activision's commitment for even a second" regarding getting this whole thing overturned.

For now we don't know 100% if this is official, but the analyst certainly seems well known enough - Phil Spencer himself is actually following him on Twitter at the time of writing!

Hopefully Xbox will manage to settle this soon enough as Microsoft also has the EU and the FTC to deal with in the coming weeks and months, where both regions will present their own findings to the public.

If true, does this turn the tide in Xbox's favour? Let us know what you make of this report.