Xbox Fans Call On Bethesda To Delay Redfall Until 60FPS Is Ready

As we've already seen, yesterday's news about Redfall launching with just a 30FPS Quality Mode on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S didn't go down well, and it's even led to some calls to delay the game.

We received plenty of comments along these lines here at Pure Xbox, and it extended to social media:

Ultimately, it seems a lot of players would rather wait a bit longer than be forced to play the game at 30 frames per-second when it launches on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Then again, some people have pointed out that Redfall has been delayed multiple times over the past year, so yet another delay at this point - just a few weeks away from release - seems somewhat unlikely even despite the backlash.

We're assuming Bethesda and Arkane might have something further to say in the near future about the situation, as the reaction to the news has been pretty huge over the past few hours. Until then, let us know your thoughts below!

Do you think Redfall should be delayed until 60FPS can be achieved at launch on Xbox? Tell us below.

Should Redfall Be Delayed Until 60FPS Is Ready On Xbox? (954 votes)

  1. Yes! It needs 60FPS at launch!60%
  2. Maybe, as long as it doesn't affect the PC version5%
  3. No, we can wait for a 60FPS update!33%
  4. Other2%