Ubisoft has detailed everything you can expect from its upcoming beta test for XDefiant; the company's new free-to-play FPS title. The team has already hosted one closed beta for the game (that featured a fairly strict NDA for gameplay footage), whereas this upcoming closed test is stripping away any NDA limits.

That means that whilst this new beta is still 'closed' and requires a sign-up via the XDefiant website, players can share footage of the game online this time around. If you feel like giving this one a go for yourself, here are the beta dates and times:

  • XDefiant Closed Beta Start Time: 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST on April 13th
  • XDefiant Closed Beta End Time: 11pm PT on April 23rd, 2am ET / 7am BST on April 24th

If you're a regular Twitch viewer there's an option to gain access to this beta that way as well. Ubisoft says that from April 13th partnered XDefiant streamers (or Ubisoft themselves) will be granting access codes to viewers who watch 30 minutes of the game in action.

If you manage to get in, it looks like there'll be lots to enjoy within this next beta test. There are a bunch of weapons, maps and factions available, and there's even a rewards track tucked into the beta that carries over to future phases - although we're not sure if these rewards will work in the full game.

All of the content details for Ubisoft's upcoming XDefiant beta are available online within the team's recent blog post.

Are you thinking of giving this next beta a shot? Let us know in the comments section!

[source ubisoft.com]