Some of you may remember that Ubisoft announced another free-to-play shooter last year, called XDefiant. Actually, most of you probably don't remember as its announcement quickly came and went. Well, it's having a bit of a rebrand, as it turns out.

XDefiant was known as Tom Clancy's XDefiant, at the time of its reveal. Ubisoft has now dropped the Tom Clancy attachment, probably due to the game's, shall we say mixed reception last year.

However, some Tom Clancy will still be present. A Ubisoft spokesperson told Axios that factions from other Tom Clancy games are still present, at least for now. However, the official website looks completely different, and pretty much all of last year's branding has vanished.

So, we're not entirely sure what's going on with XDefiant. Contrary to most, we actually thought the game looked alright when revealed, if a little generic. Still, we don't think the Tom Clancy branding is needed here, or for most Ubisoft games nowadays, and we're curious as to what it'll look like when it re-emerges.

Will you be trying out this free-to-play shooter when it hits Xbox platforms? Let us know in the comments.

[source axios.com, via eurogamer.net]