Halo Infinite
Image: Xbox

Halo lead Joseph Staten only recently announced he would be leaving Microsoft, and now it seems another Halo veteran has moved on.

According to Axios' Stephen Totilo, Microsoft has confirmed the departure of Halo franchise director Frank O'Connor. He contributed to Master Chief's journey for two decades.

"We thank Frank for his numerous contributions to the Halo franchise and wish him well going forward."

News about O'Connor's departure appeared a few days ago when his LinkedIn page was updated with an "April 2023 end date" as Halo's franchise creative director (thanks, Windows Central).

He started out at Bungie in the early days working on Halo 2 and then moved across to 343 Industries when the original Halo developer went to work on Destiny. Apart from the Halo games, he's played a big role in the series' story development assisting with the novels and other projects.

Staten and O'Connor's departures from Microsoft follow a number of other Halo veterans exiting the company over the past year.

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