Joseph Staten
Image: Xbox

We've got some breaking news coming out of Microsoft about Joseph Staten. After recently exiting Halo Infinite and moving back to Xbox Game Studios Publishing, the Halo veteran has now announced he'll be leaving the tech giant.

Microsoft didn't reveal where exactly Joe is off to but thanked him for his contributions to the Halo series and the Xbox brand over the years. Since the initial report, Staten has also confirmed his own departure (via social media) - reiterating how he is definitely moving on from Microsoft to embark on a new adventure, with more information to share soon.

The Halo veteran previously returned to the series in 2020 joining 343 Industries as project lead for the Halo Infinite campaign and then went back to Xbox Publishing as a partner and creative director last month.

He started out his game career at Bungie in the late '90s, working on the Halo series alongside Microsoft as a writer and director of cinematics. Following this, he assisted Bungie with Destiny as a writer and co-creative director and then returned to Microsoft in 2014 as a Senior Creative Director for Xbox Game Studios.

We'll update this story if we hear any further developments.