Xbox Cloud Gaming

In response to the CMA blocking Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard due to concerns about cloud gaming, Ukraine-based cloud gaming service 'Boosteroid' has issued a brief statement.

It mentions how its team and users "disagree" with the decision and stand behind a statement made by Microsoft President Brad Smith:

"Boosteroid team and our users disagree with the CMA's decision against Microsoft's purchase of Activision. Our position on this issue is in line with that of Microsoft's president, Brad Smith. We hope for a quick resolution to this question."

Smith's own statement mentioned how Microsoft remained "fully committed" to this acquisition and would appeal.

He also argued the CMA's decision would discourage technology innovation and investment within the UK - going on to mention how the decision reflected a "flawed understanding" of the market and the way relevant cloud technology actually worked.

Boosteroid is the same company that recently signed a 10-year agreement with Microsoft - with the Xbox creator promising to bring Xbox PC games to Boosteroid members (including Activision Blizzard games) when the deal closed. Microsoft also penned another deal like this with cloud gaming provider "Ubitus".

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