Xbox Teams Up With 'Ubitus' For Latest 10-Year ActiBlizz Partnership

Following yesterday's agreement with Boosteroid to bring Xbox and Activision Blizzard games to the service in the future, Microsoft has penned another 10-year deal today with cloud gaming provider "Ubitus".

Xbox boss Phil Spencer says the deal will allow Ubitus to take advantage of Xbox PC games as well as ActiBlizz titles following the conclusion of the acquisition. Here's the announcement tweet:

If you've never heard of Ubitus, the company has used its technology to bring various games to the Nintendo Switch in cloud form in recent years, including Control and Resident Evil Village.

Microsoft president Brad Smith mentioned recently that we'd be seeing more of these 10-year partnerships cropping up, with this being the second in a week. Don't be surprised if more are on the horizon very soon!

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