Another Eight Games Will Leave Xbox Game Pass Soon (April 2023)

Update: Microsoft has now confirmed that seven games will be leaving Xbox Game Pass on April 15th, while Quantum Break will also be leaving - but only temporarily. We've updated the table below.

Original story: Microsoft has revealed the next eight titles to be removed from Xbox Game Pass, with this batch all leaving on (or around) April 15th. The list surprisingly includes Quantum Break, which was published by Xbox Game Studios back in 2016 - it remains to be seen whether its inclusion is an error or it's legitimately leaving the library.

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Here's what's (apparently) leaving Xbox Game Pass in the middle of April:

Xbox Game Pass: Leaving Soon (April 15, 2023)

Date Game Platform
April 6 Quantum Break (Temporary Removal) Console
April 15
Life is Strange: True Colors Console, PC, Cloud
April 15 Moonglow Bay Console, PC, Cloud
April 15 Panzer Corps 2 PC
April 15 The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet Of Chaos Console, PC, Cloud
April 15 The Long Dark Console, PC, Cloud
April 15 The Riftbreaker Console, PC, Cloud
April 15 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction Console, PC, Cloud

As usual, Xbox Game Pass members can get a discount of (at least) 20% on these titles before they're removed.

If you're interested in what might be leaving Xbox Game Pass later in April 2023, we've made some predictions elsewhere on Pure Xbox.

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