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The UK Competition and Markets Authority is one of the various regulatory bodies currently overseeing Xbox's Activision Blizzard deal, with the authority consistently hypothesising why the deal could, and possibly should, be blocked.

One of those reasons is related to Call of Duty, with the CMA even suggesting that Xbox could separate and sell off that IP. Well, not only has Microsoft continuously claimed that making CoD exclusive isn't in their plans, making such a sale unnecessary, the Xbox owner also feels that the CMA is exaggerating the impact that CoD exclusivity would have.

As part of a new report from Axios, Microsoft has told the outlet that the UK authority has 'significantly overcounted the potential impact of making the Call of Duty franchise exclusive to Xbox and PC'. This gap between the findings of both Microsoft and the CMA comes from two different surveys, one held by each party.

Microsoft's own survey found that 3% of 'all PlayStation users' and 10.5% of 'CoD gamers' would switch to Xbox if Microsoft pulled Call of Duty from PlayStation systems. The CMA's own findings suggest that 15% of 'avid Call of Duty' players would make the switch.

As a result, the Xbox owner feels that the CMA has 'significantly overcounted' here, in turn harming Microsoft's case for the deal going through. Even with all this in mind, Xbox has consistently said that it doesn't have any plans to make Call of Duty exclusive to Xbox and PC.

For now, we don't know if these surveys will have any real impact on the deal, with the CMA's investigation still ongoing through April 26th. A similar investigation is also going on in the EU right now, although Xbox's recent deals with Nvidia and Nintendo have reportedly had a positive impact on the potential of the acquisition's success.

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