Way back in August, a few months before Battlefield 2042 came to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, developer DICE announced that classes would be returning during the game's third season. We're now deep into Battlefield 2042 Season 3, and the game's big class-based overhaul finally launches later this month.

Ahead of the update's arrival, DICE has posted a high-level summary of the changes it wants to make by reintroducing classic Battlefield classes to 2042.

"The return to the Class system will shake up how you are used to playing Battlefield 2042, from Gadgets and Equipment now being attached to the Class of your particular choosing, to how you’re approaching the role of that Class as you play throughout your matches.

With all the changes that we’re introducing with the return to the Class system, it should now feel much better to perform the Class and role as it was originally intended to be, and as you are used to doing so from previous Battlefield titles."

"Freedom and flexibility still play a major role in Battlefield 2042, with the choices you make now directly impacting your ability and efficiency on the field."

The blog post goes into further detail about how weapons, gadgets and equipment will also be affected by the overhaul. In general, it sounds like a hybrid between the Battlefield of old and 2042's specialist-based system, and we're keen to see how the changes perform out on the battlefield.

Shortly after the game's addition to the Xbox Game Pass / EA Play library, DICE committed to the long term future of Battlefield 2042 by announcing at least two more seasonal updates, with Seasons 4 and 5 expected to arrive throughout 2023.

Are you excited by these changes? Let us know if you're still playing 2042 down in the comments.