One of the most controversial changes DICE made to the Battlefield series in its latest title, Battlefield 2042, was the removal of the traditional class system. The developer went down the Modern Warfare route with 'Specialists', in order to bring in more specific characters rather broader classes based on gameplay traits. Well, you guessed it, they're reverting that change.

Ahead of the game's Season 2 launch, the developer talked long term plans for Battlefield 2042, including the roadmap to bringing back classes. Each of the game's existing characters will be grouped into one of the four traditional Battlefield classes: Assault, Support, Engineer, and Recon.

Battlefield Classes

The game will then lock certain pieces of equipment, gadgets and throwables within each class, bringing back the much-requested Battlefield roles fans have been asking for since launch.

The changes to specialists will begin rolling out with season 3, however, 2042 is only just entering Season 2 next month, with a specific date to be revealed. With the game's second season comes another new map, along with a rework of both 'Orbital' and 'Renewal' from the game's base map lineup.

The final piece of big news is that DICE is bringing classic Battlefield weapons over from the Portal mode to All-Out Warfare, likely to bolster the main mode's content count. This begins during season 2, with the arrival of two classic weapons earnable by completing assignments.

Is this the right direction for Battlefield 2042? Let us know your thoughts below!