EA has revealed that Battlefield 2042 will hit Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, via the EA Play library, with the game's Season 3 launch. DICE's latest Battlefield entry, which released in November 2021, is moving into its third season of content within the next few weeks, which EA believes is the perfect time to bring the game to XGP members.

DICE hasn't yet dated the game's Season 3 launch, but its full reveal is coming by the end of November. We'd then expect the content to drop shortly after that, either at the end of this month or sometime in December. That's when you can go hands on with your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Alongside this news, the team has also detailed some major changes coming to BF2042 during both Season 3 and Season 4. Battlefield 2042's base game maps will continue to be tweaked during the next two seasons, while DICE is also making changes to the 'specialists' system to bring it more in-line with classic Battlefield class setups.

Finally, the team is also bringing over more 'Battlefield Portal' content to the main game, starting with the Bad Company 2 XM8 weapon, and the Battlefield 3 A-91 rifle at the Season 3 launch. Clearly, Battlefield 2042 is a game still in the midst of some pretty big changes, and we'll soon be able to try them out for ourselves on Xbox Game Pass.

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