Xbox Series X Insider Program

Xbox has just dropped a pretty big update for all of us this month, adding a ton of new features including the ability to change your Elite Series 2 LED colour, among other bits and pieces. However, as expected, the Xbox Insider program is a few steps ahead, and a recent update for the Alpha ring has added a pretty neat feature.

That's the ability to mute console start-up sounds! Yep, if the booming blast that greets you on start-up irritates you, you'll soon be able to mute the splash screen audio. The feature is now live for Alpha Insiders, with its wider release expected soon.

We have added a new option which allows you to mute startup sounds. To use it, navigate to Settings > General > Volume & audio output > Additional options.

The notes also mention that a new subset of Insiders will now see a direct link to console settings, and a new search bar, right on the Xbox Home screen. These are two elements of the new Xbox home UI, which is currently being tweaked before its wider release later this year.

The full Xbox Insider patch notes are available here.

Will you be muting that thing ASAP? Or do you like the Xbox bootup sounds? Let us know in the comments!