Xbox2023 Ui
Image: The new Xbox UI for 2023

Xbox has announced that the team is working on a brand new 'Home UI' experience for its console dashboard, set for public release in 2023. The new UI will change the core console interface a little bit, while also adding features like a dedicated store tile, a new 'jump back in' bar, and more.

The new UI in its current form will arrive for select Xbox Insiders today, September 8th, but this is far from the end of the road for Microsoft's rework. The team says it wants to integrate fan feedback into its final design, which will ship to all Xbox users in 2023.

"We know the Xbox homepage is where our gamers spend a lot of their time, and it’s a space that’s very personal. We also know we can always be listening and learning how we can do better here while keeping your experience fast and familiar. With that, we’re kicking off a multi-month series of experiments to learn how to create a more personalized home screen experience and address some of the top trends and fan requests."

The Verge compares Xbox's new efforts to the company's Cloud Gaming TV app for Samsung sets, and there's clearly some unification going on there across devices. Things are still a little cluttered for our tastes on both systems, and we'd love to see more of our background images moving forward.

Here's the Cloud Gaming TV interface for comparison:

Image: How Xbox Cloud Gaming looks on Samsung TVs

There are some backend changes that apply to other areas of the Home UI as well. Xbox says that when you scroll down on the new home screen, a selection of curated categories and recommendations will appear based on your own gaming preferences.

Is there one feature you'd love to Xbox add/change with its console UI? Let us know below!

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