Xbox Japan
Image: Ghostwire: Tokyo, Tango Gameworks

Xbox is continuing to push for growth in Japan, highlighted by its recent Tokyo Game Show livestream which was one of Xbox's best in recent memory. The show brought a bunch of Japan-focused news, like Ni No Kuni shadow dropping on Xbox Game Pass and much more. Well, if fresh rumours are to be believed, then Microsoft isn't stopping there.

A clip from a recent Giant Bombcast episode has surfaced, featuring talk from Jeff Grubb & co. on Microsoft's future plans for the region. The hosts seem pretty confident that Xbox is still holding talks with major Japanese companies over potential acquisitions, despite the ongoing Activision Blizzard deal seemingly keeping other things quiet at the moment.

Of course, Xbox's recent purchase of Bethesda means that one Japanese team, Tango Gameworks, is already under the Xbox Game Studios umbrella as we speak. Their most recent PS5-exclusive project was Ghostwire Tokyo, which given Deathloop's recent arrival, should arrive on Xbox in March 2023.

For now, any talk of future acquisitions is just that - and these rumours should be taken with a pinch of salt. What we do know is that Xbox is taking Japan seriously, and we wouldn't be surprised to see more moves being made to benefit Xbox in that region in the coming months and years.

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