Last night's Future Games Show was packed with some pretty cool announcements, including a couple new Game Pass launches for Xbox. One of the biggest surprises was Deliver Us Mars, an upcoming sequel to Deliver Us The Moon, which first hit PC back in 2018.

Deliver Us The Moon eventually hit consoles in 2020, and it's looking like the sequel will launch on all platforms simultaneously. On the Xbox side of things, it'll be cross-generation across Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

As for what Deliver Us Mars will deliver (hehehe), it sounds like an expanded version of the first game, but taking us to new planet of course. Here's what the developer has said about it so far:

First, you delivered the Moon, now it's time to deliver the Red Planet in a bold new mission. Deliver Us Mars, the sequel to Deliver Us The Moon from award winning-developer KeokeN Interactive and Frontier Foundry is a brand-new narrative-rich adventure that takes everything you love about Deliver Us The Moon, and rockets the experience to another planet.

Deliver Us Mars is "coming soon", with no set release window just yet.

What do you think to this sequel based on what we've seen so far? Let us know in the comments.