Two Games Announced For Xbox Game Pass At March's Future Games Show

We weren't necessarily expecting anything Xbox Game Pass related out of today's Future Games Show, but we ended up getting announcements for two games, both of which will be launching on the service hopefully in 2022.

The first is Turbo Golf Racing, a Rocket League style golf game which appears to be coming to Xbox Game Pass for console and PC at release, while the other (Marauders) will seemingly be on PC Game Pass only.

You can watch the trailers and find out a bit more about these games down below:

Turbo Golf Racing (Date TBD)

Turbo Golf Racing is an arcade-style sports racing game for up to eight players online. Slam into oversized golf balls and race your friends in an explosive dash to the finish flag.

Marauders (Date TBD - PC Only)

Step into the boots of a roving space pirate in an early-1990s dieselpunk alternate future. Play solo or in squads up to four in first-person, multiplayer looter shooter - Marauders.

Interested in any of these Xbox Game Pass additions? Tell us in the comments below.