Sable is joining Xbox Game Pass on September 23 and is looking to be one of the most notable titles of the huge new batch. Its art style is striking and something that isn't easily forgotten, but many have pondered what the actual gameplay entails. Luckily, this new trailer seeks to give eager players an indication as to what they'll be doing.

One of the biggest points of Sable is the inclusion of numerous masks, many of which you'll be able to earn and equip for your character. To do this, you'll help out strangers, trade with others or impress someone. You'll be able to define your character with your collection of masks, choosing who you want to represent by the game's end.

Sable is looking fantastic, with many drawing connections to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's gameplay. It's clear the game is going for its own look and feel, and we can't wait to finally dive into the beautiful adventure when it hits Xbox Game Pass (at launch!) next week.

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