Alan Wake Remastered is right around the corner. Up until now, we’ve had some comparison footage to showcase some hefty changes, but recently released gameplay of the first seven minutes running in 4K is our best look yet.

As shared by IGN, the gameplay features a stunning look at the game’s introduction. While the comparison footage highlighted an increase in resolution, here the 60FPS support and lighting really get a chance to shine.

With Alan Wake, the game is heavily based around the use of lights to defeat enemies, so seeing that the remaster has made a substantial improvement on an already fantastic looking mechanic is welcomed. A lovely bunch of screenshots for the game also recently got released, which put a spotlight on the enhancements.

It seems Alan Wake Remastered may be doing a little bit more than simply updating its visuals, as developer Remedy has hinted some slight tweaks may have been made to tie into their other titles as well.

There's not much longer to wait, as the game launches for Xbox One, Series X and Series S on October 5.

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