Sea Of Thieves Season Four
Image: Xbox

Sea of Thieves experienced a resurgence thanks to the recent release of the Pirates of the Caribbean Tall Tales expansion. Rare even revealed the record-breaking numbers in a developer update - noting how 4.8 million players sailed the seas in the same month.

The UK developer is now looking to maintain this momentum with the upcoming release of Season Four. Ahead of its arrival on 23rd September, it's published a short trailer teasing what players can expect. It's something to do with a "forgotten world of adventure" and a "kingdom of riches" waiting beneath the waves...

The game also recently collaborated with Gearbox's looter shooter Borderlands to release the 'Mayhem' Ship Set inspired by the vaults of Pandora. And it held a special 'Jewels of the Deep' event - allowing players to earn more cosmetics, too.

Will you be jumping into season four of Sea of Thieves when it arrives next week? Tell us down below.