Rare has had tremendous success with its Sea of Thieves Pirates of the Caribbean Tall Tales expansion - experiencing a record-breaking month with over 4.8 million pirates sailing the seas in June.

Following the announcement of the Disney crossover, Rare said any future collaborations would have to make sense. While we've seen a lot of Rare and Microsoft IP added to the game in the past, Rare is now teaming up with Gearbox's looter shooter Borderlands to release the 'Mayhem' Ship Set inspired by the vaults of Pandora.

This announcement was made by Sea of Thieves Executive producer Joe Neate as part of Xbox's Gamescom 2021 show. To earn it, you'll have to participate in some 'mayhem' inspired events by talking to Larinna at one of the game's outposts, and you'll need to complete the challenges before September 7th at 10am UTC.

What do you think of this Borderlands crossover? What other kind of collaborations would you like to see following this and the Disney one? Leave a comment down below.

[source seaofthieves.com]