Sea Of Thieves: A Pirate's Life
Image: Xbox / Rare

Despite a bit of a rough launch, the Sea of Thieves - Pirates of the Caribbean Tall Tales expansion has proven to be incredibly successful for Rare.

In a developer update, the game's creative director Mike Chapman has revealed the record-breaking numbers - with 4.8 million players sailing the seas in the month of June. The team is apparently "buzzing" from the impact of this.

Rare will now use this momentum to keep building and enriching this pirate sandbox - with Chapman promising there are more adventures to come.

In the near future (aka this weekend), Rare will also be hosting a Gold & Glory event - offering double gold and reputation gains, along with Seasonal Renown boosts for all treasure passed on to Trading companies.

And as part of the August update, it will also be adding brand new Pirates of the Caribbean cosmetics to the Pirate Emporium.

"You'll also find a brand new crop of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean cosmetics in the Pirate Emporium as part of August’s Sea of Thieves update: transform your ship into a vessel of purgatory with the Cursed Ferryman Ship Collection, make pirates think they’re facing a harbinger of the abyss with the Davy Jones Cursed Costume Set, or adopt a simian sidekick dressed like that dread figure himself in the form of the Condemned Captain Monkey pet. "

You can see the full patch notes for Rare's August SoT's update over on the official game website.

Did you contribute to Sea of Thieve's record-breaking month? Tell us down below.

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