Battlefield 2042 Beta Will Require Xbox Live Gold, But Not PlayStation Plus
Image: EA Games/DICE

News of Battlefield 2042's open beta surfaced this week, alerting fans they can expect to dive into the action as early as next week. However, it's been confirmed all players will require an Xbox Live Gold membership to check it out on Microsoft's consoles, whereas PlayStation owners won't require a Plus subscription.

The news was buried within the beta's FAQ page, confirming that PlayStation Plus is not needed to participate in the open beta, but an Xbox Live Gold subscription is.

"Please note, PlayStation Plus is not needed to participate in the Open Beta, however, if you're playing on Xbox you will need to be an Xbox Live Gold subscriber."

Twitter users have been confused by the decision too, but acknowledged that it's not a massive deal considering an Xbox Live Gold subscription would be needed for the full game in November anyway.

That being said, it's a strange choice, especially when Xbox was previously dubbed as the "official console for Battlefield 2042". You'd think with that sort of partnership - including an appearance during Xbox's E3 Showcase - that all users would be able to check out the open beta.

If a PlayStation Plus membership was needed to participate as well then it would make more sense, but it's strange that it doesn't. We suppose the advantage Xbox players will get is early access if they're a Game Pass Ultimate member, but then again, all EA Play members (including on PlayStation) will be able to dive in 48 hours before everyone else.

It's a bit odd.

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