Xbox Elaborates On What It Means Being The 'Official Consoles Of Battlefield'

Yesterday it was revealed that Xbox is the "official console of Battlefield 2042", but we had no idea what that meant. It seems not many other people did either, considering the game's not an exclusive. Somebody posed the question to an Xbox exec who revealed all on social media. Unfortunately, it's not that exciting.

Josh Munsee, the senior marketing manager at Xbox, was asked on Twitter what it means by Xbox being the official console of Battlefield 2042. Munsee elaborated, revealing that all it essentially means is "marketing, branding, gameplay capture, etc."

When asked if this was a usual practice, Munsee added: "It was part of a bigger series of announcements they made so maybe not “usual” but in context of listing full partnership announcements, not out of place."

Whether anything else comes out of this slogan remains to be seen, but it seems pretty tied down to being just simple marketing jargon - a theory we proposed when it came about. We'll learn more about Battlefield 2042 in the coming weeks, especially with the EA Play Live event coming up on July 22, so maybe we'll get further clarification there.

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