343 Industries Reveals The 'Key Feedback' From Halo Infinite's Technical Preview
Image: 343 Industries

Halo Infinite's first Technical Preview seems like it was only yesterday, but it's been a fair few weeks since we were blasting spartans apart. For the test, players were only paired against bots - aside from a brief PvP window - and after weeks of feedback, the team at 343 Industries has finally digested all the information. The result is an extensive blog post that outlines the positives and elements that need to be worked on in Halo Infinite.

The blog goes into extensive details as to how the team hopes to address player concerns across the board, ranging from combat to audio. For the sake of brevity, we've highlighted all the key bullet points from the post, showing exactly what worked and what may need tweaking.

Here's the full list of player feedback from Halo Infinite:


  • Positive: Friend or Foe Outlines
  • Positive: Full Controller and Keyboard & Mouse remapping
  • Feedback: Desire for an auto-sprint option
  • Feedback: Desire to alter the colours of the Damage System Color and Mark System



  • Positive: Players loved both menu and Multiplayer music

In-Game Audio

  • Positive: Weapons sounded powerful and really added to the experience
  • Feedback: Players wanted the Needler's audio to sound more "crystalized"
  • Feedback: Granular controls of each in-game voice (Personal AI, Spartan Chatter, Multiplayer Announcer)

Live - Battle Pass & Challenges

  • Positive: Players are still enjoying the idea of a permanent Battle Pass
  • Feedback: Are Challenges the only way to progress?
  • Feedback: Double XP Boost timer counting down while in menus


Bots & Bot Arena

  • Positive: Bots were intelligent, fun, and challenging
  • Positive: Bot Arena is a safe environment to learn. Very helpful for learning the layout and flow of maps
  • Feedback: Bots were too accurate when shooting weapons and throwing grenades
  • Feedback: Bots all went the same way to start, could get confused while moving on the map, and didn't use equipment enough
  • Feedback: Spartan Bots weren't much better than ODST Bots and players wanted them to be difficult

Weapon Drills

  • Positive: Provided a great environment for learning weapons
  • Positive: Players had fun and enjoyed sharing their Weapon Drill scores
  • Feedback: Desire to teach alt-fire modes more clearly
  • Feedback: Some wanted a way to swap between Weapon Drills more easily
  • Feedback: Some players wanted untimed Weapon Drills
  • Feedback: Many Players wanted Equipment and Movement Drills

Combat Sensor (Radar)

  • Feedback: Some liked the Combat Sensor, though most found it confusing
  • Feedback: Some wanted height indicators as well

Personal AI

  • Positive: People loved having their own Personal AI for the first time
  • Positive: People loved customizing their Personal AI
  • Feedback: Desire for more customization options (separate voice from the body, more shapes, more voices, more colours)
  • Feedback: Desire to preview a Personal AI's voice and personality in the lobby
  • Feedback: Desire to increase the variety of their lines
  • Feedback: Desire to control how much the Personal AI talks (including turning them off)


  • Positive: New medal events such as Ninja, 360, and Bank Shot were loved
  • Positive: Players loved that certain medals get called out in the event feed
  • Feedback: Many players were worried about the size, placement, and art style of the medals


Friend Or Foe Recognition (Player Outlines)

  • Pro: Accessibility and customization options
  • Feedback: Impacted shield (and Overshield) readability
  • Feedback: Desire for more options, including the ability to turn them off
  • Feedback: Desire to have an opponent's Gamertag appear above their head


  • Feedback: Performance impacting aim
  • Feedback: Some felt the default sensitivity was too low
  • Feedback: Desire for Axial deadzone controls
  • Note: Confusion around zoom/smart scope


  • Positive: Overall weapon balance felt great
  • Positive: The ability to drop weapons is appreciated
  • Feedback: S7 Sniper & Skewer were difficult to use
  • Split Feedback: Hammer feels too strong but also too slow


  • Positive: Sprint's balance was positively received
  • Split Feedback: Players wanted it to feel smoother movement and less warping
  • Note: Screenshake was too much, even when turned off in settings


  • Positive: Grappleshot was loved by all
  • Feedback: Drop Wall felt too slow and too weak



  • Positive: HUD clean/streamline approach was appreciated
  • Feedback: Some felt the weapon cradle was small
  • Feedback: Inability to see second grenade type
  • Feedback: Some would like HUD customization options
  • Positive: Overall presentation received positive feedback
  • Feedback: Scrolling in customization
  • Feedback: Customization items were difficult to equip

If you want to see how the team is aiming to respond to each of these areas, be sure to check out the full Halo Waypoint post, which delves into extensive details as to how these are being addressed. If not, this outlines the general reception to the Halo Infinite Technical Preview, which may or may not address any issues you may have.

With Halo Infinite launching on December 8, there's not a massive amount of time to address everything found here, but hopefully the team can iron out some of the key issues.

Were any issues you had with Halo Infinite addressed here? Drop us a comment and let us know.

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