Xbox Series X 4K Dashboard Will Not Affect Game Performance
Image: Microsoft

The news of a higher resolution UI for Xbox Series X owners has been welcomed. It's something that's been requested for a while now, and although it's beginning to roll out, some Xbox users have raised concerns it will take resources away from games. Fortunately, it's been confirmed that the new feature will not affect any titles running on the system.

Xbox Series X director of project management Jason Ronald answered some questions on Twitter, all of which sought out to identify whether the changes would have any negative connotations. According to Ronald, the higher resolution dashboard will not take any memory away from games, allowing all titles to run as usual.

As for the dashboard update, it's only available for Xbox Insider members at the moment. Much like every other update, we expect it to roll out to the public within the next few weeks, so expect to see it on a dashboard near you very soon.

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