Spligate Team Is 'Absolutely Working Its Tails Off' To Improve Server Capacity
Image: 1047 Games

Splitgate has become something of a phenomenon over the past few weeks. Ever since it entered its beta last month, players have been arriving in their droves to check out the Halo meets Portal shooter. Unfortunately, with such a small team working on the game, the servers have taken a bit of a beating - something the team says it's working effortlessly to fix.

Speaking on TikTok, the game's server engineer provided an analogy as to why the game's in the state that it is. Comparing Splitgate to a restaurant, they explained how having a sudden influx of customers to a small restaurant not only requires more tables (which would be servers in Splitgate's case), but more waiters, chefs, equipment, and more.

But as the studio slowly grows to meet demand, they've assured viewers that the team is "absolutely working [its] tails off" to ensure more people are getting into the game without issues.

Due to these problems, Splitgate's been delayed from its full release until sometime in August, with the beta still underway now. It's a smart move to ensure the team has more time to build the resources they need. We just hope the game has a strong enough community in the long run to make this extra work worth it.

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