Splitgate may not be launching on Xbox officially until July 27, but an open beta has been taking place ahead of its full release. The free-to-play shooter embodies elements of Portal and Halo, and is proving to be so popular that the servers are buckling under the traffic.

The official Twitter account delved into the reason behind some of the issues, which stem from the huge increase in player numbers. Originally, the game was sitting at around 50k concurrent players, but jumped to 65k within 24 hours, according to the team. While they said they wish they "could just throw money at the problem and buy more servers", it's reportedly a complicated issue with "a lot of moving parts".

The pressure has been so intense that the decision was made to temporarily shut the servers completely. Acknowledging that it's not fair on players to be plagued with being constantly disconnected, the servers were temporarily closed to prevent any other issues while the team works on the problem.

It's great to see full transparency from the team who are undoubtedly working effortlessly to ensure the game is up and running effectively by July 27. Problems like these are what betas are for, and while some would believe it's as simple as turning more servers on, it's definitely not as easy as that.

With the launch on July 27, we're hoping the issues are able to be ironed out, as players seem to be loving Splitgate so far. The Microsoft Store on Xbox is showing a five-star rating for the game from user reviews, so clearly fans are enjoying what they've played, and those pesky server issues just need to be ironed out.

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