Free-to-play shooter Splitgate has been a massive success story for developer 1047 games since the launch of its Beta earlier this month, but the downside is that the servers haven't been able to cope with the incredible demand.

As a result, the team has announced today that the full launch of the game has been delayed until sometime in August, and they've been given $10 million from a venture capital firm to help improve the server capacity.

Splitgate was supposed to be releasing in full on July 27, but as noted in the tweet above, the Beta will now be returning instead, and will remain available until the proper launch in August. Some of the planned launch content will still be dropping on Tuesday though, such as three new maps, and mouse and keyboard support.

The game might be a bit temperamental over the next few weeks while the servers are sorted out, then, but hopefully by the time we get around to the full release, Splitgate will be able to handle a much bigger pool of players.

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