Random: Halo Infinite's 'Craig The Brute' Meme Shows Up At WWE Raw
Image: Nick Soriano on Twitter

Although the first look at Halo Infinite wasn't necessarily well received last year, an unlikely hero - or should we say meme - was born.

We're talking about 'Craig the Brute'. Since then, the community has embraced this character in all sorts of ways, and 343 Industries is even planning on giving him a serious makeover. Now, in the latest update, he's shown up in the crowd at a WWE Raw event.

The sign, created by Twitter user Nick Soriano as seen below, made it onto TV during a segment:

Craig featuring at WWE follows on from the recent trend of a bunch of other video game signs showing up in the crowd at similar shows, including another popular wrestling brand in AEW.

On a more serious note, there are reports that 2K's relationship with WWE has become strained in recent times. Halo Infinite's also had a rough week, with the announcement that co-op campaign and Forge won't be ready for release.

What are your thoughts about Craig appearing in the crowd at WWE? Share your thoughts below.

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